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It All Starts Here…


I can honestly say I didn’t see this coming. I actually made a blog! I decided to create a blog because of something my pastor said to me after encouraging me make one.

“Chris, a blog is a witness of who you are.”

Don’t get my wrong I did use to have a blog, but it was mainly for business stuff. And it didn’t really contain much of who I really am. I actually didn’t even like to write in it because I didn’t care about what I was writing!

So I had very little consistency because I wasn’t being true to my identity.

However this time it’s going to be different. Way different.

First of all, I am planning on colliding my worlds. Business world meet personal world. I figure since I don’t separate Jesus from my business life, why would I separate my blog from Him?

I don’t so I won’t.

Next on the list, I plan on sharing a variety of different topics because I am a guy who likes variety in his life, so my blog will too! I will be writing about revelations about our identity from Holy Spirit, miracles that I experience with Him, and kingdom strategies to bring Heaven to Earth in all we do!

I doubt this will be a perfect transition. Some people will want to read somethings and not others. And that’s okay with me too. Because I think that allowing ourselves to make mistakes is the path of improvement.

Until we say yes to making a mess, we say no to fully expressing who we are.

And as my tag line says, our consistency is found in our identity. So this is the beginning of sharing my identity with the world. It all starts here.

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