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Fruit vs Works

Fruit vs Works. Fruit comes from new trees (thats you). Works come from fleshly performance (that’s not you). As we grow in the knowledge of Christ in us how we naturally respond will be in accordance to the Spirit in us. The battle is not for us to BECOME new creations. The battle is in us believing we are new creations.

But God has given us secret weapons. First, we have His Spirit in us. And His Spirit is telling us who we are in Christ. Next, we have Scripture and it is loaded with promises of who we are in Him. And He has given us the people around us. And the Spirit in them is telling us who we are in Christ. Its seems pretty simple right!

As we know the TREE we get to partake in the fruit.

The problems occur if we believe the lies about ourselves. Suddenly, like Adam and Eve we are trying to be like God and reacting in FEAR to the lies of the enemy. And worse still now we begin to see other people through this same lens. And like the Pharisees we give them all kinds of rules that they need to DO to BECOME.

But this is carnal wisdom! Yes I said it. Because it detracts from what Christ has already done! It is not peaceable, no it’s far from it! It puts the focus squarely on me and takes my eyes off Christ. Suddenly like Peter we find ourselves sinking in circumstances we were walking on. And as we cry out Jesus says, why did you doubt?

You are a new creation! You are blessed! You are a child of the Living God! And the greatness of His power is pouring out of you! Everywhere you go is ministry because YOU are ministry. You are One with Him and He is One with you. You are light and darkness can’t stand you. We don’t have to love people, we get to love them. Because He loves you sooooo much that you can’t help, but love on people because it just overflows out of you! You’re so cram packed with His Spirit that signs and wonders follow you everywhere you go. Do you believe it? Do you receive it? If so you’ll see it.

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