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Freeing Orphans

orphan-girlLost in lies of separation, orphan mindsets look through religious eyes at security and confidence in union with God and see arrogance and blasphemy. Just as Jesus was crucified so shall we be persecuted because of the Truth that has set us free. It is not the world who persecuted Christ they embraced Him. It was those who believed they knew God because of their works. They looked in Scripture for what they must do, but Scripture did not point to more works, it pointed to the Author, it testified of Him. So too today we see a Book that points us to an Author. And as these traditions are broken off, we will once again see the heart of an orphan that killed his brother Abel. And this was the child of the enemy.

Orphanism then is the ultimate tool of the enemy and the number one opposer of freedom that God is revealing through His sons and daughters. It is the thought that if it’s to be, it’s up to me. It removes a good God from the equation and replaces works out of fear. It places doing above being. And it denies inheritance forgetting everything the Father has is theirs. Instead it looks with jealous eyes at the prodigal who has returned to fellowship and wishes it can be so for them. This is the importance of love. This is the importance of family. That we who have been set free, might turn around and invite others into the family, breaking off the lies of the orphan and sweeping through this Earth to make disciples of our Father’s Kingdom. This is why the tools and weapons of our warfare are spiritual and not carnal. Because flesh begets flesh, but spirit begets spirit. It is our love in the face of persecution that shows an orphan how valuable they really are.

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