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Freeing Hearts

My heart is exploding. Recently I had such an encounter with God that I woke up in tears. Ever since I have been a train wreck of emotions lol. I weep, I laugh, and I am constantly trembling under His power. I don’t know what’s happening to me, but it’s intense.

I am working to put language to everything so here’s a bit…

I am beginning to understand in new ways the contents of our prayer, “Let your Kingdom come…”. It is a relational government. Yes, there are signs and wonders because of the love and power of God.

But, even more so it is a place of openness, vulnerability, transparency, communication, love, freedom, thankfulness, gratefulness, life, vibrancy, present awareness, and security. One thing I am now sure of: The mind can not comprehend this. In fact, the mind is freaked out about this… I feel like it wants to run and hide.

It’s not of this world. It’s very intense, very real, and very profound. I find myself saying the following over and over again, “I feel so different, unique, weird, intense, and I can’t describe it…”

My heart is so overloading that my mind can’t even process it so I am simply vocal processing everything. It is the wonder of God and I believe it is bringing us into the place of children. So overwhelmed with awe and wonder.

Craving new things, questioning things with curious hearts, and wanting to explore and experience everything that life has to offer. Words just can’t describe, but I believe it is Life Himself – in us and through us. He isn’t calling us up to heaven, but He has brought heaven down to us. And now everything is coming under the government of His rule. And it is so good.

And this is what I believe it looks like for His Kingdom to come: freeing hearts. Free to know Him, be known by Him and free to know each other. To be one as He is one. This is what we are praying for – unity.

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