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Does God Exist?

Great question. But the real question to ask yourself is why do you think so hard for the answer to be anything, but yes He does? Why do you accept ANY answer as long as it doesn’t equal God?

If it’s because of something you don’t like in the Bible well that’s probably a given. Considering if you agreed and knew everything you would be God. And you’re not. So there’s probably somethings that He knows and understands considering He created everything. Wouldn’t it be more honest to simply say God exists and I just don’t agree with Him? Of course then you would be left with the decision of what you’re going to do with Him…

And most people don’t want to be left with that question. So you continue to find some argument – any argument – that concludes there is no God so you’re not left with the choice. Will you accept His offer for righteousness or be held accountable to your own? Even to the point of believing there is a multi-verse, aliens, or an eternal universe which is the reason why we are here because those answers don’t have the personal responsibility that God does.

But my friends you will have to choose this answer one day. Either now when you have the option to receive His righteousness or later when you have only the option to look at your own. And your question of why does evil exist today will be answered… because He allowed you to. And one day He won’t let evil in His Kingdom. And that’s when you won’t be either. Unless you decide today that you want to receive His gift.

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