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Sonship vs Orphanism

One of the lies of the world is that you have to work hard to be something. But we see in the life of Adam that the life of struggle is working the ground yourself. And in the life of Adam that the life of faith is letting God be your reward. In this teaching, I share how to identity performance based orphanism vs obedience based sonship. Don’t be a Martha! Be a Mary 🙂 And this teaching will reveal some revelations on what that looks like…

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What’s This Renewing Mind Thing About, Anyway?

I firmly believe the truth of repentance and renewing of the mind have been hidden away from many believers. And because of this many still struggle to have REAL permanent change that Christ sacrifice allows us to walk in. In today’s training taken from my IMPACT discipleship class we discuss the differences between good fruit and bad fruit. And good trees and bad trees. And why these 2 things are so important for us to have real, lasting, permanent change that disciples the nations. Leave comments below!