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Living Out of Understanding

I believe one of the stumbling blocks of teaching is the belief that we need more and more teaching instead of allowing our current understanding to be catalyzed. We live out of the heart of our understanding. To know something in Scripture was to do it. If you didn’t do it, you didn’t know it.

Towards the beginning of my Christian growth I used to read Scripture quite often and especially other people’s opinions and interpretations of Scripture. I found as I read other people’s insights that I could quite easily argue opposite opinions using a number of Scriptures for and against many positions.

This caused me to question my own understanding…

So I decided to stop reading Scripture “widely” and instead focused on Scripture in “depth”. And as I did this Scriptures that at first glance seemed unrelated started to come alive.

Why? I believe this is because the Scriptures that I chose to go deep on started to become life to my heart. And my “lens of perception” changed so that I began to see other Scriptures through these lenses.

I spent a year (if not more) just on focusing Scriptures of love. And as I did this Holy Spirit started to teach me out of the platform that I brought to Him. These Scriptures catalyzed my relationship with Him and also brought life to my understanding. Shortly afterward I noticed my life started to change.

Not because I was trying to be something different, but because I started to see God differently. And we are made in His image. So as we know Him clearer, we begin to see ourselves clearer.

I currently believe this process of truly “becoming” what we are discovering has been cast aside for “doing” which is reading many different Scriptures with very little intention. Obviously each has their place, but I feel right now in the Body of Christ there is an awful lot of head knowledge and plenty of room for growth in heart knowledge. Proverbs 4:23

If we look upon our life and we see many issues that keep coming up, especially in our character, this is a clear sign that God is enhancing our heart understanding in this area. And the teachings we listen to under Holy Spirit filtering will give us the truth to replace those strongholds built by lies.