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The Truth Has Been Hidden From Us

The truth in Scripture has been hidden away. I don’t know why it happened, but I do know that repentance, renewing of the mind, and “in Christ” are the sign-posts that point to the new you.

For the longest time, I couldn’t understand why Holy Spirit kept telling me about “new creation”. It’s not all over the Scriptures, it’s only a few of them that allude to it really, but He just kept telling me it over and over. I see now why. The NT is about YOU in Christ. And Christ in YOU.

Don’t skip over this.

Many times we read something and we think it already has life in us, so we move past it, but consider this… You died to the lie of separation. And now you are rebirthed in Christ who CAN never be separated from God.

Repentance (Change of Mind) is the understanding of who you are in Christ. It’s identity not performance. If your identity is wrong, your performance will always be out of place of religion, which is steeped in pride and lust, it is self-gain for illegal desire outside of relationship.

Renewing of the Mind (Change of Mind) is the understanding of who you are in Christ! See the pattern? Come on now! Scripture says transformation comes from renewing the mind. Notice here it’s not from a LOT of effort, but it’s from continually RE-newing (hence always making it new) to the REALITY of who you are in Christ. The battle is believing in who you really are in Christ as this battle is won the fruit comes naturally.

But this is the biggest hidden truth…

“In Christ” is talking about YOU. Scriptures (and there are TON) that reference in Christ, by Christ, through Christ are YOU. They are YOU! This is so freakin’ big. How do you know what to repent? How do you know what to renew your mind to? Go find some In Christ Scriptures!

When you wrap your mind to this reality of who YOU ARE because of the GOODNESS and the KINDNESS of God you will be lead to such a place of true repentance, that you might even weep (I know I do at times). And people will think you’re truly a freak of nature.

Why? Because your love and devotion for Christ can not be replicated by any performance minded people. For them, it will be a chore. It will be something they “have to do”. Not something they “get to do”. And it will freak them out so much they will think you’re NOT real. Ring any bells? Haha! I love it! You love God this much??? You can’t be real dude you must have some hidden sin, agenda, etc… LOL. This is a religious broken mindset. And it is NOT a renewed mind.

My brothers and sisters this is OUR exceeding great joy. That we are one with Him and He is one with us. He is our reward. He is our blessing. He is the rock upon which we build. He is our true friend, our true Lover, our Father, Mentor, and Brother. He is what our hearts have craved!

If you don’t know the Love of the Father you will seek the love of the world. Let me put it like this, our love for Him is a Earth to Heaven reality. His love for us is a Heaven to Earth reality. This is one of the first places we can begin to see Heaven coming to Earth. His love in us. His love in you.

I’ll end with this thought: If you want to have something for the dying, hurting, lost people around you, discover what you have been given by knowing who you are in Christ. And you will always have something to freely give.

Lies, Lies, and More Lies!

Lies, lies, and more lies. Make no mistake the goal of the enemy is to try to get you to see your identity through lies. You are a new creation. And you partake in that divine reality through the promises of God (2 Peter 1:4). But the enemy whispers in your ear just like he did to Adam & Eve. Did God really say….? Did He really say you were a new creation? If you are why are you doubting His words? And here comes the deceiver!

With many words he tries to get you to REACT out of a place of fear instead of RESPONDING in a place of faith (Matthew 4:3). A strong-hold is when we take credit for his thoughts. As soon as a strong-hold is formed the enemy (familiar spirit) comes in and begins whispering. And now if we see our identity through this lie, we will think it is from us, and that’s when we let it blur our heart perception (Proverbs 4:23). We can tell this is the case by listening to speech because out of the heart the mouth speaks (Matthew 15:18).

This is why the Bible says to RENEW your mind and cast out thoughts that try to exalt themselves above the knowledge of Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5). Because when you agree with God’s truth about you – you will begin to flow from a Heaven to Earth reality. Why? Because Earth will no longer be where you get your identity from. And you will begin to see yourself as a Son/Daughter with a Father who has already lavished great and wonderful promises on you. In fact, He has equipped you with every good thing and every good work. (2 Peter 1:3). And we simply give the AMEN (So be it, I am fully persuaded 2 Corinthians 1:20).

Fruit vs Works

Fruit vs Works. Fruit comes from new trees (thats you). Works come from fleshly performance (that’s not you). As we grow in the knowledge of Christ in us how we naturally respond will be in accordance to the Spirit in us. The battle is not for us to BECOME new creations. The battle is in us believing we are new creations.

But God has given us secret weapons. First, we have His Spirit in us. And His Spirit is telling us who we are in Christ. Next, we have Scripture and it is loaded with promises of who we are in Him. And He has given us the people around us. And the Spirit in them is telling us who we are in Christ. Its seems pretty simple right!

As we know the TREE we get to partake in the fruit.

The problems occur if we believe the lies about ourselves. Suddenly, like Adam and Eve we are trying to be like God and reacting in FEAR to the lies of the enemy. And worse still now we begin to see other people through this same lens. And like the Pharisees we give them all kinds of rules that they need to DO to BECOME.

But this is carnal wisdom! Yes I said it. Because it detracts from what Christ has already done! It is not peaceable, no it’s far from it! It puts the focus squarely on me and takes my eyes off Christ. Suddenly like Peter we find ourselves sinking in circumstances we were walking on. And as we cry out Jesus says, why did you doubt?

You are a new creation! You are blessed! You are a child of the Living God! And the greatness of His power is pouring out of you! Everywhere you go is ministry because YOU are ministry. You are One with Him and He is One with you. You are light and darkness can’t stand you. We don’t have to love people, we get to love them. Because He loves you sooooo much that you can’t help, but love on people because it just overflows out of you! You’re so cram packed with His Spirit that signs and wonders follow you everywhere you go. Do you believe it? Do you receive it? If so you’ll see it.

Jesus As Our Example

Why did Jesus refer to Himself as the Son of Man? I propose that He wanted to make absolutely sure that we knew His life was OUR example. He did only what He saw His Father do as a Man. By Himself He could do NOTHING (John 5:30) He laid down the pattern of perfect theology for us. Not as our ceiling, but as our floor.

What does it look for man to walk with God? Jesus. It looks like Jesus. It doesn’t even look like the disciples in the Gospels because Jesus had not yet been glorified. So even they could not discern the Ways of God because His Ways are foolishness to those without the Spirit (1 Corinthians 2:14).

When questioned about His Works Jesus answered that those who believe in Me will do the same and GREATER! Because I go to the Father (John 14:12). The world stopped the moment Christ died and rose again. But He did not die nor rise alone, but He wrapped us up in Himself, the Tabernacle of Glory to present us before the Father. And this is where we are now seated at His right hand in heavenly places (Ephesians 2:6). You are an heir and a co-heir of glory (Romans 8:17). Both as His Son and as His Bride!

And because of this, we now are EXPECTED to do greater works than the First-Born among many brethren (Romans 8:29). Paul understood this. (1 Corinthians 11:1) The Apostles laid down a blueprint for all to follow. The Spirit of God is manifesting fully grown sons that live from a continual Spiritual encounter with the One who encounters them. And as they know Him, they will fully know themselves (1 Corinthians 13:12). That we also may say the enemy has nothing in me (John 14:30). Afterall, are we not to be filled fully by His Spirit? (Ephesians 3:19)

And may it be said of us that we only do what we see our Father doing. Not because we have glory apart from Him, but because we are never apart from Him. Nor will we ever be again. Because of this reality, we are no longer mere men (1 Corinthians 3:3), but new creations that reveal our Father’s glory (2 Corinthians 4:6, Habakkuk 2:14) and destroy the works of darkness (1 John 3:8) everywhere we go. We don’t seek ministry, we are ministry.

What if milk is to see Christ for you and meat is to see Christ through you?
What if fully dying means to be fully awake to Love? To Hope? To Life? To Mr. Liberty Himself?
What if dying to you means to be fully alive to the One who is alive in you?

And to realize that you’re not just going to heaven, but that Mr. Heaven goes with you.

Freeing Hearts

My heart is exploding. Recently I had such an encounter with God that I woke up in tears. Ever since I have been a train wreck of emotions lol. I weep, I laugh, and I am constantly trembling under His power. I don’t know what’s happening to me, but it’s intense.

I am working to put language to everything so here’s a bit…

I am beginning to understand in new ways the contents of our prayer, “Let your Kingdom come…”. It is a relational government. Yes, there are signs and wonders because of the love and power of God.

But, even more so it is a place of openness, vulnerability, transparency, communication, love, freedom, thankfulness, gratefulness, life, vibrancy, present awareness, and security. One thing I am now sure of: The mind can not comprehend this. In fact, the mind is freaked out about this… I feel like it wants to run and hide.

It’s not of this world. It’s very intense, very real, and very profound. I find myself saying the following over and over again, “I feel so different, unique, weird, intense, and I can’t describe it…”

My heart is so overloading that my mind can’t even process it so I am simply vocal processing everything. It is the wonder of God and I believe it is bringing us into the place of children. So overwhelmed with awe and wonder.

Craving new things, questioning things with curious hearts, and wanting to explore and experience everything that life has to offer. Words just can’t describe, but I believe it is Life Himself – in us and through us. He isn’t calling us up to heaven, but He has brought heaven down to us. And now everything is coming under the government of His rule. And it is so good.

And this is what I believe it looks like for His Kingdom to come: freeing hearts. Free to know Him, be known by Him and free to know each other. To be one as He is one. This is what we are praying for – unity.